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Unto the Least of These, Inc. has partnered with Wellspring Living to galvanize Georgia communities around this cause.

  • Wellspring Living was founded in 2001 to provide services to domestic sex-trafficking victims and those at risk (ages 12-39).

  • They offer specialized recovery services through four residential programs,  two community-based programs, and graduate services.

  • Each program provides transformative care through therapy, education, life skills, and personal and professional development. The focus for each participant is on developing their courage to move forward, and their confidence to succeed.

  • Through operating best practices, and with highly qualified staff, Wellspring Living programs are statistically proven in providing restorative services that yield positive, life-changing results. 

  • Wellspring Living’s vision is to live in a world where every victim of sexual exploitation has access to transformative care.

  • Wellspring Living is a recognized national leader for residential care, and through the Wellspring Living Institute educates, trains, and mentors other organizations around the world.

Wellspring Living's work is changing the lives of women and teens in Georgia and across the country. We want to make it possible for them to do so much more.

We are thrilled to announce the

 Georgia Festival of Trees,

an extraordinary community Christmas event held in Atlanta between November 30 - December 4th, 2021. All proceeds from this exciting event will go directly to Wellspring Living to help restore women and children whose lives have been disrupted and broken by sexual exploitation.

We need you to join us in our work! Click below to join thousands of volunteers committed to ending human trafficking in Georgia.
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